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Girl, you got stars for eyes
And she sweet like Texas tea
With an ass from Tennessee
And we can take the long way home

Cold Hart - ​big city blues, Album: Crybaby

And if my brothers need me then I'm slidin'
Diamonds wet, feel like Poseidon
And I don't feel right when you're not beside me
So if I go seek then girl, stop hiding

Cold Hart - 2AM

Like you, you
You're the one I want, I'ma give my life to you
Baby, you were meant for me
I swear ain't no one else down for me

Cold Hart - Down for You, Album: The Oc Season 2

I wanna feel your body thru my screen
In the heat of the night it keeps reminding me
I wanna be forgotten in the thought of you
In a mausoleum that was made for two

Cold Hart - Thru the Screen, Album: Wish Me Well

Kurt Cobain jeans, you my Courtney Love
Thraxxl Rose how I got the club going up
Taking bars for anxiety
Smoking kush is my therapy

Cold Hart - Dying
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