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My mommy is the best
The best there ever was
My mommy is the best
And I love her just because

Whenever I am sick or hurt
She gives a great big kiss
She helps me to feel better
And she does it just like this

CoComelon, My Mommy Song

My teacher is the best, the best there ever was
My teacher is the best and I love her just because
She always tells me stories and reads my favorite books
When I want to see the pictures, she always lets me look

CoComelon, The Teacher Song

I love to be your daddy
You fill my life with lots of joys
You're my favorite girls and boys
I love you!

CoComelon, My Daddy Song
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Today is the day, it's the first day of school
So many new things to learn and do
I'm so excited, but nervous too
But it will be okay on my first day of school

CoComelon, Playdate with JJ

All eight planets travel in orbit
We'll get to know them, every one
Solar system, solar system
Planets spin around the sun

CoComelon, Planet Song