Zitate und Sprüche aus Chemical Garden

Zitate und Sprüche aus Chemical Garden

Maybe hope isn't the most dangerous thing a person can have. Maybe love is.
Because even if the lie is beautiful, the truth is what you face in the end.
"You're insane, you know that?" he says.
"It's the only thing keeping me afloat," I say.
"I lost everyone I loved," I tell him. I wait for him to look at me, and then I add, "The day I met you."
I'll tell you something about true love. There's no science to it. It's as natural as the sky.
Love unrequited is violent. He loves you so much that he's turned it into hate.
Maybe hope isn't such a bad thing. Maybe it's what keeps us together.
There's a limit to how much living can be done in a life without freedom.
When we're alive, life consumes us. But when we die, all of the color and the motion is gone so quickly, it's as though it can no longer stand to be wasted on us.
I used to have only one name; it used to mean something.
"Momentum," She repeats. "You can't just stand there if you want something to fly. You have to run."
Once upon a time there were two parents, two children, and a brick house with lilies in the yard. The parents died, the lilies wilted. One child disappeared. Then the other.
I liked just being with you. I liked the way you breathed when you were asleep. I liked when you took the champagne glass from my hand. I liked how your fingers were always too long for your gloves.
Fate, I think, is a thief.
You've been captive for so long that you don't even realize you want freedom anymore.
We destroy things with our curiosity. We shatter with our best intentions.
I've done it all before, I tell myself, and I can do it again. Trust is the strongest weapon.
It's the silence I imagine in the rest of the world, the silence of an endless ocean and uninhabitable island, a silence that can be seen from space.
Eventually I realize that I am holding on to him just as tightly as he holds on to me. And here we are: two small dying things, as the world ends around us like falling autumn leaves.
Rhine. The river that, somewhere out there, has broken free.
We figure out what death means when we're born, practically, and we live our whole lives in some kind of weird denial about it.
Herbst war schon immer meine liebste Jahreszeit. Wenn alles in letzter Schönheit erstrahlt, als würde die Natur sich das ganze Jahr für das große Finale aufsparen.

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Every star has been set in the sky. We mistakenly think they were put there for us.
So many of the things I've wanted are the things I've been taught to fear.
Die einzigen Charaktere, die ich nicht mag, sind die, die keinen Eindruck bei mir hinterlassen. Und ich schreibe keine Charaktere, die keinen Eindruck hinterlassen.
Es gibt viele Menschen in diesem Land, die, ohne etwas dafür zu können, vernünftig sind. Manche sind vernünftig geboren. Manche sind später vernünftig geworden.
Ich möchte lieber ein einziges Leben mit dir verbringen als alle Zeitalter der Welt allein zu durchleben. Und so wähle ich ein sterbliches Leben.
Hoffnung ist wie die Sonne. Wenn du nur an sie glaubst, wenn du sie sehen kannst, wirst du niemals die Nacht überstehen.
Verrückt, dass fallen wie fliegen ist, für 'nen kleinen Moment
Casper - 20QM, Album: Hinterland
Selbst der Kleinste vermag den Lauf des Schicksals zu verändern.
Häufig fragt sie sich, was es eigentlich bedeutet, frei zu sein. War es nicht so, dass man, kaum war man dem einen Gefängnis glücklich entronnen, nur wieder in ein anderes, noch schlimmeres geriet?

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