Zitate und Sprüche aus Brawlhalla

Zitate und Sprüche aus Brawlhalla

Brawlhalla ist ein kostenloses Kampf-Computerspiel, das von Blue Mammoth Games für Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One und Nintendo Switch entwickelt wurde.

Your parents were a viking and a bear? That's nothing, try a lunatic and the sea.
My own fighting style I named "Way of the Iron Dragon". It failed to gain much popularity with my students – probably because the pre-requisites are a full-size cannon, an ancestral dragon-spirit, and the strength of ten men.
Lin Fei
Mortal or angel, male or female – I am above such primitive distinctions. However, this quiz will tell me what kind of bread I am. Rye, I'm hoping.
Rayman: "A hundred lost souls in an empty suit of armor? It's getting weirder around here."
Asuri: "Your hands don't attach to your body."
Rayman: "True."
Asuri: "Have you seen the new guy? Things are really getting weird around here."
Jhala: "You're an actual cat."
Asuri: "That's fair."
Listen you nine-mothered bridge troll, I'm coming in, and the first beer I'm drinking is the one in your fist.
I rob from the rich because they have all the money.
Whenever Caspian starts stealing something, I play the Pink Panther theme so all Asgard can hear it. Drives him crazy.
Ye call this grog? I can still feel me face.
I use the magic of the elven-folk to make the doom of gods, not cookies or presents for you.
I enjoy my job as left platform mover in Blackguard Keep. That platform is heavy, but I enjoy the challenge. I try to move it smoothly, so no one wonders why those rocks float.
A half-demon ninja who sold her soul to the devil? Well that's one, frankly rather negative, way of looking at it.
Idiots! I want the ghost wolf-bats on the parapets and the bat ghost-wolves guarding the drawbridge! Of course they are different! I don't care where the wolf bat-ghosts go. They're useless.
Yeah, well, she should have suspected something when she found me sleeping under the porch.
Pfff... every smith knows that the handle is the only part of the hammer crafting that takes any real skill anyway.
Hattori, do you remember the tale of the wise fox spirit and her giant magical hammer? Yeah, me neither.
Listen up, folks. Mission briefing. Intelligence assesses twenty to thirty targets armed with automatic weapons or claws with supernatural strength. We'll be loading EMPs and silver. Insertion and exit is on the roof. 1900 hours is the extraction deadline; any later and we have to cancel taco night. Questions?
These are four six-shooters. That's uh, four plus two, carry the one… that's twenty-six bug-bullets. Are you feeling lucky?
No, I don't know how long I'll be gone. Just feed my cat.
I hate "adventurers". Always so sure. Like they have a magic spell that can tell good from evil, right from wrong.
I need a second weapon? Ok, give me a cannon... yes, a big one from a ship. You let me worry about that.
Destroying Orion isn't the only thing I want to do. But yeah, that's the main thing.
What's up, nerds? Who's ready to get their butts kicked?!
You'd think after all the hard work I do we wouldn't have intruders anymore, but I probably tear someone limb from limb every couple weeks!
I need a dozen quicksilver bombs, five quarts of holy water, two hundred silver bullets, and one stake if you've got it.
Combat Cryptography is easy. Once you can ignore the bullets and the screaming, it's just basic quantum calculus.
Well, I killed her demon husband. So... it's complicated.
Let me tell you the tale of the blind seamstress and the thousand wolves.
We don't like to brag, but we're kind of impressed with how many people are here because of us. Did I say us? I mean me.
I remember that one. I'd lost my sword and armor playing tujeon, but I took the job because I needed money. Lucky break finding that stick.

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Siehe, Gott ist mein Heil; ich bin sicher und fürchte mich nicht.
Jesaja - 12, 2
So spricht der Herr, dein Erlöser, der Heilige Israels: "Ich bin der Herr, dein Gott, der dich lehrt, was dir hilft, und dich leitet auf dem Wege, den du gehst."
Jesaja - 48, 17
Die aber, die dem Herrn vertrauen, schöpfen neue Kraft, sie bekommen Flügel wie Adler. Sie laufen und werden nicht müde, sie gehen und werden nicht matt.
Jesaja - 40, 31
Wenn du durch Wasser gehst, werde ich bei dir sein. Ströme sollen dich nicht überfluten! Wenn du durch Feuer gehst, wirst du nicht verbrennen; die Flammen werden dich nicht verzehren!
Jesaja - 43, 2
Berge mögen von ihrer Stelle weichen und Hügel wanken, aber meine Liebe zu dir kann durch nichts erschüttert werden und meine Friedenszusage wird niemals hinfällig. Das sage ich, der Gott, der dich liebt.
Jesaja - 54, 10
Meine Gedanken sind nicht eure Gedanken, und meine Wege sind nicht eure Wege. Denn wie der Himmel die Erde überragt, so sind auch meine Wege viel höher als eure Wege und meine Gedanken als eure Gedanken.
Jesaja - 55, 8-9
Sieh, ich habe dich in meine Handflächen gezeichnet.
Jesaja - 49, 16
Seht hin; ich mache etwas Neues; schon keimt es auf. Seht ihr es nicht? Ich bahne einen Weg durch die Wüste und lasse Flüsse in der Einöde entstehen.
Jesaja - 43, 19
Alle kommen von Saba, bringen Weihrauch und Gold und verkünden die ruhmreichen Taten des Herrn.
Jesaja - 60, 6
Das Outer Rim ist ein gefährlicher Ort. Alle kämpfen um ihren Teil der Galaxis. Aber ich will nur in Freiheit leben. Und dafür riskiere ich alles.
Kay Vess in Star Wars Outlaws
Dieser Auftrag ist lebensmüde... bin dabei!
Kay Vess in Star Wars Outlaws
Incoming friendly fire! Dodge - or don't. Your call.
Dispense peace with the ultimate weaponry!

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