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Blueface ist ein US-amerikanischer Rapper.

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Holy moly
40 leave him like a donut
Pull up and shoot like Ginóbili
Can't wear the Rollie without the pollie

Blueface - Holy Moly, Album: Find the Beat

This bitch said I'm the next big thing
Bitch, shut the fuck up and suck this big thing

Blueface - Next Big Thing, Album: Two Coccy

Baby gave me mad face without the attitude
She gon' do it all for Chanel and Jimmy Choo
I'm the type to spend a bag on a handbag
Doesn't mean that we involved, she just gotta brag

ChanelBlueface - Daddy, Album: Dirt Bag

N-ggas lookin' up to me like I made it
I was down, you ain't care, now I'm up and they hate it
I hate waitin', but I had to be patient
Anything I did, I had to be the greatest

Blueface - Studio

When I was down, I hit the studio
Hop in the booth and let the truth be told
Not a stripper but I gotta keep a pole
They gotta pay me now just to get up close

Blueface - Studio

Mama always told me I was gon' break hearts
I guess it's her fault, stupid, don't be mad at me

Blueface - Thotiana