Zitate und Sprüche von Ben Stone

Zitate und Sprüche von Ben Stone

Lache mit den witzigen Zitaten und Sprüchen von Ben Stone! Bekannt aus der TV-Serie "Parks and Recreation".

Powell: "Promise, I'll do everything in my power to keep it secret. But everyone on the planet is fascinated with 828 so it may not be in my power. So, what is it? A piece of intel?"
Ben: "A piece of 828."
I told you over and over again there's some things science can't explain. Some things you have to go on faith.

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Sich zu verlieben ist immer überraschend, oder?
Selbst die, die Fehler gemacht haben, haben ein Recht auf's Glücklichsein.
Karen Stone in Manifest - Staffel 1 Episode 1
"All good things". What I would do to hear you say that one more time. I wouldn't say I don't believe it, I would say that I want to because there's got to be a reason this is happening to us. I don't know what it is. But I know one thing... I want my life back.
Michaela Stone in Manifest - Staffel 1 Episode 10
Also nahmen Grace und Olive, sowie meine Eltern, den ersten Flug nach Hause, während Ben, Cal und ich auf Flug 828 warteten. Schon witzig, wie eine kleine Entscheidung einem das Leben ruinieren kann - oder aber, es retten.
Michaela Stone in Manifest - Staffel 1 Episode 1
Don't waste your miracle on your pain. You deserve better.
I don't know if the people I hurt will ever forgive me. I don't know if they should.
You must really be desperate for answers. A science guy looking for answers in the bible.
Ben: "My God, we're the parents of a teenage girl."
Grace: "Be thankful you missed puberty."
Passagier: "Stewardess? Ich brauche noch einen Drink."
Stewardess: "Den brauchen wir beide, Sir. Den brauchen wir beide."
Manifest - Staffel 1 Episode 1
Ben: "There is nothing some creepy voice can say that is worth risking my family."
Michaela: "I know two kidnapped girls who would disagree."
Mic: "So you joined them because of me?"
Jared: "I did. Because the best way to destroy a hate group is to blow it up from the inside."
Why you and me? What makes two headcases like us so special?
Why do I get the impression that everyone we've talked to is either lying to us or to themselves?
Is your hate for us really stronger than your love for your own son?
I don't think you understand. I'm not hiding from her, I'm coming after her.

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