Zitate und Sprüche von Barney Geröllheimer

Zitate und Sprüche von Barney Geröllheimer

Fred: "Aww, she looks like a chip off the ol' block."
Barney: "Actually, more like a pebble off the ol' Flintstone."
Fred Flintstone: "Barney, what would you do if you were holding the queen alone?"
Barney Rubble: "I don't know, Fred, it all depends on what time the king gets home."
Put daddy down, Bam Bam. Ouch! Not on the head!

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Barney Rubble has been my neighbor, my lodge brother and my best friend since the first time I went through the fifth grade.

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Die Ehe ist ein Vertrag, bei dem der Mann auf die Hälfte seiner Lebensmittel verzichtet, damit sie ihm die andere Hälfte kocht.
Barney: "You're afraid to tell Wilma, aren't you?"
Fred: "Afraid? Now let's get this straight, Rubble, I don't need permission from my wife to make a decision. In my cave, I reign supreme!"
Barney: "I won't tell her, Fred."
Fred: "Thanks, pal."
Fred: "How can you be so stupid?"
Barney: "Hey, that's not very nice. Say you're sorry!"
Fred: "I'm sorry you're stupid."
Entschuldigen sie meine Verspätung, ich bin in eine Autopanne getreten. [Zeigt ein Pflaster an seinem Fuß]
Barney: "Fred? Ich habe mal gehört, zu viel Fleisch ist ungesund."
Fred: "Ach, Unsinn. Mein Vater hat für sein Leben gern Fleisch gegessen, und er ist immerhin stolze 35 geworden."
Wilma: "It's been weeks since you had a good word for anybody or anything."
Fred: "Oh yeah, what about that thing I said about your mother last week?"
Wilma: "My mother?"
Fred: "I said, good riddance she lives 50 miles away."
Wilma, es gibt noch 4.000 andere Menschen auf dieser Welt. Wer braucht die Geröllheimers?
Wilma: "I cannot believe you just sat there and let them walk out on us."
Fred: "At least I can walk around the house in my underwear again."
Wilma: "And that is more important to you than 20 years of friendship?"
Fred: "It is - on a hot day."
Fred Flintstone: "I seem to have lost my appetite. What is this stuff, anyway?"
Pearl Slaghoople: "Health food, sonny. Just what the doctor ordered."
Fred Flintstone: "Then let the doctor eat it."
And another thing. If you don't take that insulting commercial off the air, I'll sue, report you to the FCC, and... slap your face!
He was a midget in the big house, see? And he tried to escape by wiggling through a mouse hole after lights out, but he outsmarted himself, see? 'Cause it wasn't a mouse hole, it was a light socket, and somebody turned the lights on.
Why can't they invent something for us to marry instead of women?
Ideale Wettervoraussetzungen: Wacken soll dieses Jahr in Süddeutschland stattfinden
Der Postillon - Juni 2024
Ich hab eine Freundin zuhause. Bedeutet: Gucken darf man, gegessen wird zuhause.
Tim in Player of Ibiza - Staffel 1 Episode 2

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