Zitate und Sprüche aus Athanor

Zitate und Sprüche aus Athanor

Gerade in den schlimmsten Zeiten erweist sich, wer aufrecht ist und wer niederträchtig ist.
David Falk - Die letzte Schlacht
Wer ein Held werden will, muss im richtigen Moment sterben.
Den hab ich wohl verpasst.
David Falk - Der letzte König

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Walk until the darkness is a memory, and you become the sun on the next traveler's horizon.
Kobe Bryant in Training Camp
Humans had always been better at killing than any other living thing.
"And what if there's nothing in there?"
"You die and there's nothing beyond that. Nothing. Nothing remains. Someone might remember you for a little while after but not for long."
There's only one thing that can save a man from madness and that's uncertainty.
The number of places in paradise is limited; only in hell is entry open to all.

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