Zitate und Sprüche von Ash

Zitate und Sprüche von Ash

A mind is like a blade. Mine is honed, yours was dull.
Keep your friends close and your enemies under your blade.
My body may break, but never my will.
I am the master of my fate. And yours.
Do not cross me. Or my blade will cross you.
Perceptive, resourceful, relentless. You must be all these things and more.
No breath to steady, no heart to calm. Perfection.
See your imperfections in your enemies, then crush them!
Is this why you woke me? To account for your obvious shortcomings?
Apex Legends - zu Horizon
Another chance to train. Good. We don't want to get rusty.
I crushed the entire squad. They were hardly worth the effort.
Revenge is merely an opportunity for improvement.
Perhaps my rat will feast on you. Then you will be worth something.
Fortunately for you, you are not my target today.
You show promise. I hope you can deliver.
True mastery can't be programmed.

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There is more honor in death than a life without test.
Freedom's what you take!
Feel free to breathe... if you have a respiratory system.
I feel most alive when rapidly approaching my death.
Pop the smoke, make 'em broke.
The odds are... well, they involve math.
Looks like someone didn't understand the "gravity" of the situation.
Horizon: "I see the creepy smile on yer face ain't just fer show."
Revenant: "Gotta chase the things that make you happy. Or don't. You know all about giving up, don't you?"
Revenant in Apex Legends - Season 19
Valkyrie: "Bounce to your place after this? I gotta drown some sorrows."
Rampart: "The bar's open, mate. But you gotta spill."
Rampart in Apex Legends - Season 19
Newcastle: "Just between us dads - your knees hurt too, right?"
Ballistic: "Please don't mistake me for one who makes dad jokes. That would be a 'faux PA'."
Ballistic in Apex Legends - Season 19
Valkyrie: "You. Me. Drinks. And no relationship talk."
Rampart: "Cool, mate. We can name my new mod. Something with an L..."
Rampart in Apex Legends - Season 19
Conduit: "You know, it'd be cool to take a peek at your workshop later."
Rampart: "Alright, but don't forget to leave that battery outside."
Rampart in Apex Legends - Season 19
Gibraltar: "Hey, can't have you out, you just got here."
Conduit: "Right where I want to be. Salamat."
Gibraltar: "It's what I do, and call me Kuya Gib."
Gibraltar in Apex Legends - Season 19
Not all fathers are clichés. Though if you fancied a stroll to the garden centre, I wouldn't be opposed.
Ballistic in Apex Legends - Season 19
'Bout time we had another dad on the Squad. Just say the word and I'll fire up the BBQ, hehe.
Newcastle in Apex Legends - Season 19
Must tear you up that what killed your old man is saving your life.
Revenant in Apex Legends - reviving Octane
Lifeline: "Can you fight? You're blood's... glowin'?"
Conduit: "Ah, that? I ate a glow stick as a kid."
Conduit in Apex Legends - Season 19
Don't watch, wee N.E.W.T. Yer maw's about to get a little unlady like.
When you're a master of black holes, relativity becomes… well, relative.
Let's have a wee play with the laws of physics, shall we?
Repulsors, check. Stabilisers, check. Best buddy, check.
Time for experimentation, evaluation and a wee cuppa tea.
Your mind and spirit is the strongest weapon you have.
Don't worry, it's easy. Bleed, patch, and keep moving.
Who's ready to fly on a zipline? I am!
Wonderful, so many willing test subjects.
Let's take that geyser over there! My gear is waterproof. Who do you think I am, Mirage?

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