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It's so hard to say, 'I'm sorry,' it's so hard to self reflect
Make the world a better place, I'll put a bullet in my head

Ameer Vann - EMMANUEL, Album: EMMANUEL

All my life I broke everything I touched
Like my damn phone screen so I don't hear it when it ring
I wouldn't answer anyway, I'm afraid of conversations
They only lead to temptation

Ameer Vann - I’m Sorry

This my eulogy, dig into the roots of me
Look into a serpent's eyes, I can spot my enemies
I can hear a butterfly's wings, you n-ggas centipedes
A den of vipers and thieves, you ain't no friend of me

Ameer Vann - Pop Trunk, Album: EMMANUEL

I'ma moonwalk like Mike tonight
Knock a nigga out like a Tyson fight
My cousin got locked for the China White
I'ma make a mill' 'fore I'm 25

Ameer Vann - Sunday Night, Album: EMMANUEL

Got that taste of the good life
I just fade in the moonlight
N-ggas only hate when you do right
Everything changed, got a new life

Ameer Vann - Plastic, Album: EMMANUEL

And when you smile
You change the weather
And I ain't seen the sun in a while

Ameer Vann - a wizard told me

But together
You know that old saying
'Bout a bird and a feather
I just hope we last forever
We could run away forever
Our broken pieces
They fit together

Ameer Vann - a wizard told me

I made major changes to myself
I am still a danger to myself
Still might grab the stainless off the shelf
But I don't really think I'm finished yet

Ameer Vann - Los Angeles, Album: EMMANUEL